First day at Begehungen space in Chemnitz (16.08)

Concept of my activity.
But I must say that descriptions of almost all other artworks are in german language. Without a few words with artist I don't understand their works.

Photos from my cell

And other spaces :)

Prison art. This isn't drawings/paintings by artists of this festival. Those things was painted by former prisoners.

Entry from square inside

Some food from orginizers

And some drinks from artists or their guests :)

Tu jeszcze przerywnik z Polski.
Kadr ze spotkania z Patrycją Sikorą w BWA Awangarda we Wrocławiu, czyli organizacja najbliższej pasożytniczej aktywności w toku.

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  1. great, but strange guy with the blue shirt ;)
    see ya tomorrow.

  2. Maybe a little odd ;)
    see ya tomorrow and the next day after tomorrow!