HOME (Awekening, Elblag) day 3 /// DOM (Przebudzenie, Elbląg) dzień 3

It's going to the strong and intensive long span time action.
At first "Can I help?":

Adam (the boy above, he is everyday on the square at least 3-4 hours, he is studying a cultural sciences in Łodź) deems to start own blog about his view of HOME but only in polish. Here it is: http://dwudnik.blogspot.com/
and the last thread is here: http://dwudnik.blogspot.com/2013/07/poczatek-dwudnik-pokadowy-dzien-1-i-2.html

building up respect at playing soccer

talks with parents and grandparents (Agnieszka, on the left side, is a very involved and interesting person who thinks wider about my Home)

backyard PR

"Can I help" team

insurance and contracts

meeting with Leszek Iwańczuk, the chief of Special School, about our agreement

my future kitchen in Special School

in Park Dolinka

the former open pool, this one was the bigest in this area of Europe but City ​​Hall decide to build new pool (indoor) but didn't build

wood for my Home or for children bases 

discussing backyard children projects for their bases

looking for place

this garage I will paint in saturday, with music and grill :)

children found some stuff for their bases

so "Can I help" in progress

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